Laura Sember
Aztec Inn Casino Aztec Inn Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Laura Sember"
I have stayed here several times. It is a bit pricey but very convienent when vacationing with children. The rooms are small but bright. The cleaning crew has changed from year to year so the rooms have been in various states of clean to finding dried up piss under the bed and food particles. However, whenever we asked the cleaning personnel or front desk for something they were very nice about it. The pool guy is great!!! Only in his days off will you find sand in the pool, which if people would use shower first there wouldn't be a problem. We have met some very friendly people at the pool over the years. During the busy times they have their own security, one even knocked on for to let us know out door was not closed completely(we knew) but it was nice of him. The food in the resteraunt is awesome, the grill is a bit pricey for not much food. We miss Kelly and Journey cook and daughter team out there!!! And her son was pretty cool too!! I have stayed other hotels in seaside and I was very disappointed!! Give the new owner a chance to continue updating. This area has had its hits the past few years...let's help our shore towns rebuild their businesses and rental homes. I grew up visiting these beaches and will continue to give back to them. Sometimes we need to see things for ourselves rather than read someone else's bad report on dirty sheets.....the crew will come and change anything out that is stained of you feel is disgusting!!