Jennifer Scott
Lumiere Place Lumiere Place
Saint Louis, Missouri
"Jennifer Scott"
The ambiance is probably a 5. The rooms were a 5. The security was a 2 because they came into the gym and told me that I had to leave because it was 10:15pm and it closed at 10pm. I asked the security guard several times if he was sure that the gym actually closes because I had never been to a hotel that had a gym that was not 24 hours. The guard told me repeatedly and in a nasty way that the gym was closed. I left very nicely and went back to my room to call the front desk. I asked the front desk when did the gym close and they told me never. They said that it was 24 hours, 7 days a week. So I explained to the front desk receptionist that I had been kicked out of the gym in the middle of my workout. She apologized and said that she would speak to the security guard immediately. I then returned to the gym about 5 mintues later. The same security guard walked pass looking at me, but did not ask me to leave again. It was apparent that he had been told about his error, but he never smiled or even said sorry; he just kept walking. Very rude guy.