Aaron Neighbors
Cherokee Nation Outpost Tobacco Shop
Catoosa, Oklahoma
"Aaron Neighbors"
Staff in high roller room are fantastic. Rooms are very nice, love the shower, don't like the couches not being in front of the TV. Some days the machines are better then others. Some days they are very bad. Been some tweekers in there asking for money here and there, but staff is usually good at keeping that under control. There have been a few instances were people have tried to take tickets out of people's machines, but again staff is there for that as well. Disappointed there are even casinos in Oklahoma. I feel it has hurt our economy and the sheer number of them is scaring up our beautiful country. Gambling is a bad habit and not good on your pocket book or mental health. Can't believe the Cherokee nation would push gambling so hard and won't let their people benefit from the health and financial benefits of cannabis. :) There are tribes doing great things in Nebraska that are worth checking out.