Angela Goodwin
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"Angela Goodwin"
This was rough....lobby is beautiful but we stayed in the annex portion of the building. It's old, outdated and the elevators are terrifying. The front desk staff was rude to everybody not just us... valet is per day so be ready to pay more than you expected. We also had conflicting bills and when I questioned it, was pretty much told "oh well". When I received my car back from valet, the rubber border on my drivers side door was all but pulled off and I have black drag marks lining the inside of my car door from the piece being dragged. Will never stay there again. Bad part of town, and not close enough to anything to not be forced into it at some point. We were disappointed to say the least. The pictures are old and not accurate to at least the annex portion of the hotel. Oh and prepare to spend if you want a drink by the pool....$25 for 2 drinks. Yes I know it's a vacation resort but for that we should have been at least able to close our bathroom door. Which by the way, once closed , you had to kick it open... so very disappointed.