Trent Patterson
Hollywood Casino - Columbus Hollywood Casino - Columbus
Columbus, Ohio
"Trent Patterson"
Don't go in expecting to win, especially slots. Or the bonus boards unless you're using a walker, cane or on oxygen. An abundance of old people hitting bonus on every machine you get up from. Plus taking up two or machines at a time. Better off going to Scioto downs. If you do happen to get a bonus after spinning about 20$ it pays out little to nothing. Max bet and watch you win NOTHING. If you're under 60 and in good health you won't win. At least if you're going to go in with a couple hundred you'd expect to win a little. Do not go here. Save your money. We've been going since it opened. If you do go, while you're walking in just look at all the pissed off faces. A little extra be prepared for druggies to ask for money too.