Christopher Johnson
Cliff Castle Casino Hotel Cliff Castle Casino Hotel
Camp Verde, Arizona
"Christopher Johnson"
Awful. Ive been going to cliff castle for roughly 5 years. I used to do alright and have fun even when i lost. But after a year of losing (about 20 grand since the last time i hit anything there) its not fun at all anymore. Ive been gambling for 22 years so yes i know you will lose. But there should at least be a chance to win. When i go now i just feel cheated and robbed. And here is the best part and i am glad someone else pointed out that they are racist. Because one time one of their rude ass employees was at the bar after his shift and just came up to me to tell me that they hate cocky, arrogant white guys like me and that i would never win there. Ive never said 1 word to that guy and i always tipped very well. Also when im gambling i like to be left alone so i dont even talk to anyone, so for him to tell me about my behavior and demeanor was funny to me at the time. But he was serious cuz i havent even been able to play for a bit since. They just straight take my money no matter how much i spend, or how many machines i play. If a machine does anything it completely stops within 1 minute of me playing it and i cant even hit for the amount i bet. At 1st i thought it was just bad luck and coincidence. And then i started noticing that only indians and Mexicans ever hit anything there. At 1st i thought i was going crazy but nope. Walk around the casino any day, any time and look at peoples credits. Im sure that its just coincidence that 95% of natives have a minimum of 300$s with native casino employees standing around them cheering while they hit bonus after bonus, jackpot after jackpot. Which is why i have finally decided i will never go there again. The last 2 times i went did it. For example the indian lady sitting next to me hit 7 of 7 on keno 3 times within about 10 minutes while i cant even get a bonus or 4 #s after a year and thousands of $s. Its not just me, anytime anyday walk around the casino and look for yourselves. You dont even hear anyone having fun except for the employees who are watching their friend jackpot over and over. And then they took out the soda and coffee station so you have to completely ruin somebodies day and get treated like a piece of crap to get a drink. (A small percentage of employees are nice but for the most part you will get friendlier customer service from a teen at mcdonalds). It makes me sad to say all of this because like i said i used to love it there. But this is all true, if you dont believe me go look around for yourself. The 1st casino ive ever been too where there isnt even fun in the air anymore. feels more like suicide in the air its that depressing. I guess i should have thanked and listened to the short, fat, pimple ridden, long haired, rude ass racist employee (thats stuck in the year 1796) that straight told me that i wasnt welcome there. And i guess he was right about my arrogance because i just couldnt believe that he was serious. What an arrogant fool i am. And go ahead and laugh and disregard the serious truth im telling you right now. Find out for yourself, you might as well just give all of your money to the valet guy out front and then keep driving. At least that way you will save time and dont have to be treated rudely while getting robbed.