Jared Nelson
Playa Chiquita Resort & Casino Playa Chiquita Resort & Casino
"Jared Nelson"
The front desk staff was particularly not helpful. We waited 90 minutes in the non air conditioned lobby due to a glitch on our reservation, but not a room or monetary issue. Asked for the manager, Francis, several times and was repeatedly told he was not available (on lunch, in meeting, on phone call). Finally spoke to him on the phone to receive not even an apology but just told that he thought we were treated fine. The beach and the pool was nice. The rooms are clean. The rest of the staff besides the front desk were fine. However, be wary of the excursion guys, they like to catch you outside the buffet cafeteria and talk your ear off when al you want to do is eat something. The food is decent. Don't drink the wine and stick to the liquor (it gave me a massive migraine).