Anthony Wergen
Casino Tropicana Concar�n Casino Tropicana Concar�n
"Anthony Wergen"
I give it 2 stars cause I been going there since I was born 23 years ago and it's sad to see how down and dirty it's become. When I stayed there it was beautiful fun and the food was great! Now the buffet is closed Burger is closed most the restaurants are closed the rooms I heard are covered in dust and filth due to the 1,000 workers on strike and now it's going to shut down cause the Billionaire won't give the workers what they need and want!! It's disgusting how this man can do this to these people and to the Taj itself.... It's a AC landmark and now it's gonna be shuttered like the other 4 casinos.. I'm hoping someone takes over renovates the whole place and hires its workers back! People been working there since the place opened now their gonna be jobless and live on a fixed income... My heart breaks for all the families and I HATE Ican for doing this !!!!