Denise V
The Casino at Jolly Beach Resort and Spa The Casino at Jolly Beach Resort and Spa
St John's, Antigua
"Denise V"
THIS IS A LOCAL MOTEL!! DONT BE FOOLED! THIS IS NOT A RESORT!! My friend and i booked for labor day weekend and we will NEVER come back here again!There is no wifi in the rooms at all, even though they told us there was. The food sucks theres no variety at all and when we called to make reservations for the other restaurants, they told us they were "overbooked" or "closed" for the weekend! I was starting to think that they are no restaurants at all. My friend and I walked around the "resort" looking for the Italian and seafood restaurant and there were absolutely no signs at all directing us where the restaurants were. In fact, theres no signs directing you to anything. They put us in a room very far out and there were no lights at night so it was pitch black when we left our rooms; which is dangerous. We woke up one morning for breakfast and got to the buffet at 10am and there was no food; we ended up eating fruit that was sitting on ice. The juice tasted horrible. Friday night i wanted to use my flatiron and i realized the bathrooms have no outlets! Like how do you call urself a resort?? When we went out to dinner, we ended up eating from the buffet; the food was not good at all and the entertainment they had on a Friday night was a man with a fire stick doing tricks. THERE ARE NO NIGHT CLUBS! NOWHERE TO DANCE! NOT EVEN ON SATURDAY NIGHT! Everything ends at about 11pm. During the day there is no entertainment and nothing for kids. Our room had a balcony that we couldn't enjoy because the screen was broken so all the bugs would get in the room. There was only one outlet in the room for our electronics which really sucks! The beach is amazing and beautiful and makes up for what the resort lacks; however there was a man by the name of "shanti" rubbing aloe leafs on people without asking and then soliciting money for it. THERE IS NO SECURITY ON THE BEACH WHATSOEVER; It took like 30 minutes to get security to the beach to get this man off the beach! He was about to hit another man with a wooden stick and walked around with a rusty knife! It was disturbing our peace at the beach. Theres jet-skis you can rent; however they went for $50 for 30 mins! Like who does that?!?! You would also have to pay $2.00 for a bottle of water if you need some. I was dehydrated due to the lack of food and water the hotel gave. We also had trouble with our lights and had to call reception 3 times!!! Until they finally arrived! The staff does not smile they're not enthusiastic; my friend spilled a drink on the bar, and the bartender gave her a wet rag to clean it up! Like it is not her job to do that!! The coconut grill by the pool has no napkins to give so your stuck with messy fingers from your food. They don't put their customers first at all here! When it was ready to check out, it took us 3 phone calls so they can finally come get our bags! If your planning on staying here make sure u bring your own water and late night snacks so u don't starve or dehydrate; i wasn't the only person who dehydrated that day; or just save your money and go else where. I will never come back to this resort/hotel/motel whatever it is. Horrible service,drinks, and food.