Damien A
The Casino at Jolly Beach Resort and Spa The Casino at Jolly Beach Resort and Spa
St John's, Antigua
"Damien A"
For the price, the place is great. The room is comfortable. There was always a place to go to get something to eat. However, during the day, blackbirds and seagulls were annoyances. My main problem was the toilet, which needed guidance from housekeeping to flush. I am guessing that they are still renovating. Paying US$10/day for room Internet can be considered expensive, but it was reliable for watching Netflix in HD, so I had no complaints. I factored it into the cost of my stay. Maybe the hotel should consider raising room prices to allow for truly 'free' Internet (not just free in the lobby). As others have mentioned, the staff is super-friendly. They helped me with operating the lights and toilet. My only 'negative' people-interactions involved incidents where I paid for something with cash (taxi, condiments) and I was expecting change, yet the service provider suggested that they owe me, and I should come back the following day. Since it happened in 2 out of 3 encounters, I am wondering I was simply unlucky, maybe it was cultural, or that this only happens to tourists. Even with my grievances, I definitely would visit again.