Pug Puppy Breeder
The Oxford Casino The Oxford Casino
Oxford, Maine
"Pug Puppy Breeder"
Worst casino on the East Coast. The only thing in this small rural town with Underpaid Gustapo staff! No smoking, no vaping and it is very very difficult to get a drink from the drink lady. Drinks are not free. Drinks are $8.50 for a tiny half a drink. If you go to the bar you will only get a drink every half hour and they will time you down to the second . The food is disgusting. You basically get patted down at the front door and there is security in the parking lot looking for every reason to prevent you from going in. Don't waste your time. To top it all off these are the tightest machines I've ever seen. You are better off taking a ride and going a little further so you don't have to put up with this crap. It is supposed to be a good night out and they ruined it every time. The staff is very unfriendly and they blame everything on the state of Maine. They are all on a power trip. Do not have anything to drink in your hand anywhere from within a mile of this place, they accused me have having alcohol in my dunkin donuts coffee cup. They took it and opened it, sniffed it and made me throw it away. These people don't deserve your money. Not hospitable at all.