Joseph McLeod
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek Seminole Casino Coconut Creek
Coconut Creek, Florida
"Joseph McLeod"
if i could give this casino 0 stars i would.....i was living near this place some years ago and decided to stop in this casino after work with a coworker, we sat at the bar closest to the doors when you enter the place to have a drink before we played some machines i ordered a long island iced tea and i think my friend just had a beer,well we finished our drinks and ordered another drink to bring with us to play some machines there was an old lady bartender there who cut us off after one drink whilst 2 older men sat at the bar LITERALLY drinking double fisted and were obviously plastered and obnoxious we just got off work 20 minutes earlier and we were completely sober it wasn't the way we were dressed since i worked at a software company i had to wear business casual clothing for work as did my friend the security came and took us to some douchebags office and he just agreed with the lady for some odd reason i am white myself but the only reason i can think of is the old lady was racist and didn't like my friend because he is Colombian and dark skinned?