Jodi Broehm
Coral Hamaca Beach Hotel & Casino Coral Hamaca Beach Hotel & Casino
Boca Chica Beach
"Jodi Broehm"
There is a big difference among the rooms. We traveled with a sports team. We probably had the worst type of room available. The room was dated. Three double beds were squeezed into the room. We found out the door to the adjoining room didn't lock when, in the middle of the night the strangers next door opened the door and peeked in our room. The next morning maintenance screwed the door shut. We were then moved to a new room. That room had been updated and was nicer, although we didn't have hot water for two days. The phone in that room didn't work. There were no clocks in the rooms. The clock in the lobby was set to the wrong time. Staff tells you they will take care of a problem, but nothing gets done. Couldn't get enough towels or bottled water, despite leaving notes in Spanish requesting enough for 4 people, not two. The food was good, although we often got the wrong entree and we found trying to explain was difficult, so we just ate what they put in front of us. Several times people in our group did not receive their food at all. Dinner could take over 2 hrs. At one point after sitting at the table for 2.5 hrs and only receiving an appetizer, our group left and went to the buffet before it closed. We later learned that it was supposed to be cultural experience to linger and visit between each course. But 2.5 hrs with a hungry sports team was too long. Spa was gorgeous. VIP lounge was also very nice (we were given access after the incident with the people next door peeking into our room). Beach is very nice and there are a lot of fun activities. On the weekends, locals can buy a day pass to the resort, so the buffet can get very busy and it can be difficult to find a place to sit.