Sulu Grim
Borrowed Buck's Roadhouse
Fargo, North Dakota
"Sulu Grim"
It's a meat market, not a bad as the OB. The dance floor is in the center of the place, and seating is around it. It's fun to people watch from the seats. However, if you're dancing sober or tipsy you'll notice males usually sit in the seats closest to the dance floor with their googly eyes on everyone. It can feel creepy. Sometimes they play good fun dance music then they'll play unknown loud rap music three songs in a row - not fun. A woman is bound to be hit on at least once from some male that is too drunk to leave a good impression. Sometimes they have wet t-shirt or boxer contests throughout the night and the waitress are the only ones that compete. They usually wear scandalous clothing and make grinding gestures, it's awkward to watch as a female surrounded by drunk males.