Susanth MahaPatro
Donald & District Racecourse Donald & District Racecourse
Donald, Victoria
"Susanth MahaPatro"
An amazing property of Taj with a legacy of more than 125 years history. Such a heritage which was started as a boarding school with 12 rooms during the British era with a continued level of hospitality by the TATAs which is ever emerging. Surrounded by greenery and a canopy of age old tress just adds the richness in taste to the property. Coming to food, good restaurant with cuisines from South to North India, with an offshore run from Chinese to Italian to Continental with a few Mediterranean and Mexican dishes as well. Also, they have a good stock of wine! Want to have a luxurious and king life stay and experience? This is the place to be... Got to spend sometime with your partner away from the daily ruckus? This is the place to be... Cheers! Thanks Taj :D I pretty much enjoyed my short time here ;)