Jas Mataz
Plaza Hotel and Casino Plaza Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Jas Mataz"
The Plaza has to be one of the most iconic establishments in downtown Las Vegas. The first thing you will notice about the Plaza is the dazzling and highly illuminated entryway - probably one of the most easily identifiable visuals of downtown. The Plaza, an original does not rely on Pomp and Circumstance but instead good ol fashioned Vegas hospitality. You will experience all the amenities: loose slot machines, live gaming, a good variety of eateries and of course the infamous haunt of ex mayor, ex mafia lawyer Oscar Goodman. Excellent food and a great atmosphere by the way! The very location of the Plaza is desirable as well as it sits at the very heart and beginning of the downtown Fremont experience. the plaza is an excellent choice for anybody looking to experience a little bit of the way Vegas was. It is untouched, iconic and a great value.