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Roxy's Casino
Seattle, Washington
"A Google User"
Bowling good, gambling bad. If you're going to bowl, you're in luck. The lanes are nice, the servers are friendly, and it's pretty cheap compared to other area venues. Their arcade is mostly broken games, so keep your roll of quarters at home. Gambling, sadly, makes this the seediest place in the zip code. It brings out all kinds of shady characters that are there for the discounted drinks and the oddball scene. If you can tolerate that, you'll also have to dance around weird security guys who seem to randomly shift between complete absenteeism to heavy-handed policing of drinks and behavior. You can be there on a night where a volatile group of young rowdy dudes take over the place, and another night the same crew of guards will kick people out of slouching in their chair too much. So, bowling yes gambling no.