Ashley Roses
Holiday Inn SunSpree Aruba Resort & Excelsior Casino Holiday Inn SunSpree Aruba Resort & Excelsior Casino
Palm Beach
"Ashley Roses"
I really had high hopes for this hotel and my stay here based on the reviews I read, but I was disappointed. We requested an early check in but when we got to the hotel we were told our room was not ready, it was 2pm. I was ok with that because the early check in is not guaranteed. We were told to come back at 330 and our room would be ready. We checked our luggage with a staff member and decided to go find something to eat. When we got back to get our room keys at 330 we were told our room was still not ready, and wouldn't be until 4. It was frustrating because we had been traveling overnight, it was extremely hot, there was no AC in the lobby, and the restaurants located on hotel grounds are all outside. The lobby has an open concept with the breeze coming through open shutters which is lovely at night, but during the day with the humidity and heat, it makes it very uncomfortable. We were looking to getting into our room at the time we were told, so that was frustrating to have to wait more time in the heat. The restaurants on the hotel grounds were very bland, overpriced, and the wait staff was very inattentive. The restaurants we found outside of the hotel had better prices and better tasting food. The Wi-Fi inside our room was TERRIBLE. I am from the US so our phones do not work without Wi-Fi. While we're out in beautiful Aruba, of course it's no big deal, but I believe you should have decent internet access in your room that you pay for. The internet was off and on the whole trip (we stayed 6 days), with many of the times it saying "unable to connect" and the only times we could get a decent connection was standing by our room door. We brought this to the managers attention, I forgot her name, but she said she had other reports about the Internet not working on our floor and was having it looked into. She said she would call us the next day to check in, but never did. We took that as she just simply didn't care to help us or to resolve the issue we brought to her attention. They have a business center in the lobby that we were hoping to use to book activities on the island, but they make you pay to use their internet. Our keys stopped working to our room on the second day. I reported it to a staff member and he made us a new set of keys, those still didn't work. We then followed the instructions he gave us to use the phone by the elevators and someone will come look at it. We waited for about 15 minutes outside of our door before someone came up to fix the issue. We had informed the operator we were in a hurry because we had tours of the island we needed to get to that were non-refundable, and we forgot something in our room that we needed to get, but they didn't seem to care about that. The room was decent, and we had a nice partial ocean view. The walls are extremely thin. You could hear the guests next to you talking, laughing, doors slamming, toilets flushing, water running through pipes. I was thankful I kept my earplugs from our airline because I doubt I would have been able to get good sleep without them. The grounds of the Holiday Inn going out to the beach are beautiful and was the only part of this hotel I really enjoyed. Overall, this stay was not that good nor what I expected from other reviews online. Aruba is a beautiful island and I would definitely love to come back, but I would not stay at the Holiday Inn Resort again.