Dena Ingalls
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Ventura, California
"Dena Ingalls"
Heartbreaking for me to have to actually write a negative review about a place I have patronized for well over 4 years, and has at the minimum a handful of employees that really take the time to look out for their customers; I will miss them. If you are strictly a gambler, this post will be foreign to you. I have spent many a morning, and evening (occasionally) watching football and baseball. Very accommodating because of their sound boxes, where you can plug in your headphones and not be bothered by the crowd. I was informed that several months ago the kitchen did sustain some damage due to a fire, and thereafter renovation started. Subsequently, the restaurant had to turn to outside trucks (Domino's Pizza); cardboard with Ragu. Disgusting. I was so desperate to watch a game I gave it another shot, and was enjoying my breakfast for about five months when I was informed yesterday that the prices had been raised. For 2 eggs, and 2, sometimes 3 pieces of bacon (I am not a potato fan) it was definitely reasonably priced. Well, with all of the inside problems they have had while recuperating from the "kitchen" issues, they have decided to start gouging their customers and insisting that you can no longer have what you want, but what they are offering you. A manager yesterday morning was trying to convince me that it was not "his" fault and I told him over and over again, "I know that!" I then asked if it was perfectly acceptable to the higher powers that they lose customers over potatoes and eggs? His answer was so preposterous, all I could do was laugh and walk out. I wish Players Casino the very best of luck, restaurant wise. I know with all of the gamblers throwing their money away, this place will be just fine.