lisa orlando
JACK Casino-Hotel Greektown JACK Casino-Hotel Greektown
Detroit, MI
"lisa orlando"
Forced to give at least one star. I have been a player here for a few years. I have spent thousands of dollars at this casino. This casino just gets worse. From someone who lived in corktown and worked in the city, I am very accustome to detroit, especially the night life. However, I refuse to come here after midnight. Groups of what look like kids, lounging in the slots, over served, no dress code, several people sleeping everywhere, the disrespect and the list goes on. I realized this was the norm here. This is the second review of my life, and I have NEVER refused to go to another business for any reason. However, I will never go back to this casino. After I left the casino, girls were peeing outside the car (between my car and theirs). I waited in my car for a few minutes to be sure I didn't hit anyone or their car. I politely asked if they could shut there door so I could pull out. The girl stared to fight me. Windows up, not saying a word, sone crazed bimbo was bangin my window telling me she's gonna beat my ass. I finally said screw it, n drove straight back and just inched my way out. I go to leave my level, and a couple is pressed against a wall having sex. I get to the end of the ramp, and ANOTHER couple is fighting and these crazies wont move. Really?!?! This is actually a business? With all your staff, why is there no control? Not only can I not play a game because some one is sleeping, but I can't walk to my car? The only thing immpresionable about this casino is the simple fact they are not shut down for liquor and gaming violations. Good luck greektown, every quarter your numbers drop and its no surprise. Dan gilbert won file chapter 11, but he sure will be shut down by the state and it's ashame given the quaity of service at quicken loans. NEVER AGAIN!!! AND ENTER IF YOU DARE!!!