Kasey Stonehill
Hotel Yadran Beach Resort & Casino Platinum Hotel Yadran Beach Resort & Casino Platinum
"Kasey Stonehill"
The view was just...breathtaking. And we had a large private balcony! The suite was nice, a bit cramped; it maybe could have worked better as one large room instead of a bedroom, sitting room, and entryway, but it was still a nice stay. The bed didn't feel 5 stars, but I think the setup is typical of Slovenia? It was two twin mattresses next to each other on a larger bedframe with separate duvets. I didn't like the lack of a top-sheet because it got hot at night (changing the temperature on the AC didn't seem to do much) and the duvet was too heavy. The staff was incredibly friendly, really kind and helpful with a good sense of humor. When we told them we were taking a daytrip to Bohinj, we were given lots of fantastic advice on things to do that we hadn't known about.