Kimberly Wittwer
Encore Resort Encore Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Kimberly Wittwer"
The hotel is beautiful and everything was going completely as planned until I went down to the casino floor for a cigarette and when I came back to my room 20 minutes later the maids were there and I had $300 missing out of my purse that I am 100% positive was there right before I left. It sucks to know I have already given this casino a lot of money come to find out the maids steal my money too. I am so frustrated and it's not ok and there will be nothing done about it. This has ruined my entire stay here. Update: I asked for a manager to speak to at check out and "he was with another customer and would call me later" well, that's what they told me yesterday that for sure they would call me last night.. no call, no message, no note. Do not stay here. My company booked about 100 rooms for a Mining convention and we will never be staying here again nor will our company. You would think if your company spend over $50,000 they would give you back your $300 but no.. you're just another fish in the sea.