Northern Edge Navajo Casino Northern Edge Navajo Casino
Upper Fruitland, New Mexico
Overall needs major improvement staffing friendly polite outgoing individuals. Not a welcoming ambiance , good job keeping casino immaculate however, is it necessary to have cleaning staff sweeping your patrons feet? Literally!! And I mean these ladies are not polite or professional at all about it they just come up into your space and start sweeping and wiping away. Rude. Lol. Really? now? this one? Of all the empty seats around me u need to wipe down this one. Should I get up and leave??? Drinks... what you got? ONLY HAVE Water! Security.... needs to understand patrons are there to gamble . To security that told me I NEED to UNDERSTAND! Enlighten me pleaseeee cuase you lost me! Help me better understand why bother going to ur casino where u clearly don't appreciate or welcome me. This town in general lacks common courtesy ,common sense, and customer service skills is of no means required when hiring staff unfortunately apparent! Northern edge needs improvement , people notice and appreciate a simple smile .