Carrie Ann Brock
Cherokee Nation Outpost Tobacco Shop
Catoosa, Oklahoma
"Carrie Ann Brock"
I am appalled at the way my husband and I were treated at the Hard Rock Tulsa. My husband is a truck driver. Yes, we saw the no truck signs posted everywhere BUT 2 big trucks were already in the parking lot. We did not want to stay long; not overnight. We were just planning on eating the buffet. As soon as we parked, in the back of the lot, away from everybody except the other 2 big trucks, we were immediately approached by security. We told them we were just grabbing a bite to eat and we would be on our way. It was the middle of the day so we surely weren't camping out for the night. They refused to let us stay there and said they would have the truck towed immediately. We asked about the other 2 trucks that were there and they said those didn't matter but we had to leave. Absolutely unacceptable. We will NEVER go to Hard Rock Tulsa again and probably not ever visit ANY of the Hard Rocks if this is how they treat their guests. May I remind them that big trucks deliver all the food and supplies to them. Maybe they shouldn't treat truck drivers like dirt.