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Oneida Mason Street Casino Oneida Mason Street Casino
Green Bay, Wisconsin
"A Google User"
Don't go. Complete rip off. Slots don't pay out worth a crap. 9 times out of 10 you'll loose $100+ before it gives a nickel if your lucky. It's straight up stealing how cranked tight those maxhines are. Deny it all you want, but i know they arent paying out the legal requirements, and whether they pay the fines or some crooked inspectors it wont even put a scratch in their profit. Also the rent a cops are useless jerks. Got my truck smashed in the parking lot and they said "what do you want me to do about it" in a smart mouth loser on a power trip tone. It took me asking for all their badge numbers, id, credentials (if any) and threat of filing a grievance on everyone of them, that made theirs heads fly out of their rectum in no time. I wont even comment on the "fun club". If u go that far you"ll find out very soon. Stealing pricks.