Chi Lovely
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McAlester, Oklahoma
"Chi Lovely"
Seen the same old black woman at the players club and each time she was rude and unhelpful because I was new to the process of how the players club works. The first time, I got a paper instruction on how to sign up and get the app. When I followed all instructions and waited several weeks for the free play promotion, I saw her again and somehow was not in the system. When I asked how I could have done it wrong she tried to hand me the little instructional paper but was out of copies so she just motioned for the next guest to come up. I stood and waited until the line was finished and asked her if she could help me make sure I am doing it right and she just snapped at me that she already told me she didn't have any copies of the instructions on how to sign up. I told her I followed them and I have the app loaded up and could show her and just wanted to know if she knows what I did wrong. She said she couldn't leave the post to get more copies of that little paper. I asked if a manager could maybe help and she snapped that she was the manager and if I didn't follow the instructions on the little paper then I wouldn't be added to the system, I'm not in the system so I didn't do it right and that is that. Both times I seen her I thought she was overly rude to a polite person who just wanted some help. I left and won't be coming back.