Dan Phillips
Aces Casino Aces Casino
Spokane, Washington
"Dan Phillips"
This place screams north side. Hard working and respectful human beings. LOL JUST KIDDING I had the PLEASURE of coming to this establishment, and being highly disrespected right off the bat. Multiple ID checks upon arrival, mean looks, hateful comments, you name it. I possibly had more money than every person in there, except the cashier. I was not greeted, welcomed or anything. The dealers are unprofessional and emotionless. They are very rough with the cards like they are trying to be tough, but it is the North Side so WHO ISNT TOUGH. Tattoos on knuckles, no smiles, conversation or laughs. It makes sense, it is just a shame. I was expecting a very calm easy drinking night, with some friends but I was not rewarded in any way. I do not gamble very often, but Quest has very enlightened, friendly, TALKATIVE individuals. I can't seem to think of a reason why every employee would have such a poor attitude at work if they weren't just a poor individual to begin with.