John Casey
Lakeside Casino and R.V. Park Lakeside Casino and R.V. Park
Pahrump, Nevada
"John Casey"
MANAGEMENT: You need to clearly indicate the park security phone number in your pamphlet for when noisy & drunk dirt-bags are outside their RV until 2 o'clock in the morning pissing in the street. I tried multiple times to get anybody on the phone with zero luck. Your worthless security guy in the white van with the flashing yellow lights drove right passed them and did nothing. Also, you have WAY TOO MANY ducks & geese in your pond. The poop is everywhere. Yes, the ants are still a massive problem and the barking dog at night is completely offensive. Your mowing guys get WAY TOO CLOSE to RVs. Also, tell them to slow down and stop trying to squeeze into small spots between Rvs. We will not be back.