Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino
Chandler, Arizona
Nice place with a lot of different slots with varying costs from a penny on up. Staff is excellent. Just 2 areas that need improvement...the bartenders in the center bar need to learn to clean the customer area of the bar continuously and not leave it filthy from one person to the next or rely on someone else to do it for them AND something as simple as placing a napkin under the drink when one is ordered keeps the bar from getting all wet and sticky as well as the customers. I don't understand why this is never done on a regular basis at any of the 3 casinos. The second item of discussion is the installation of floor air conditioning vents that are a girls worst nightmare and cold as all get out when it blows directly on you with no way of escaping it or covering it up---and don't even get me started on how uncomfortable they are when we are wearing dresses or skirts---had to be a guy who thought this nightmare up...

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