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Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Heather has been amazingly patient with me as I've gone from asking about a mid-level cruise line to a luxury line. She did a great job showing me the pros and cons of the first cruise I was interested in; through no fault of Heather's, my husband just wasn't interested in that cruise. Several months later, another cruise caught my eye and this time we won a yes vote from my sometimes better half. Not only that, we invited two friends we'd traveled with before to join us, I put them in touch with Heather, and now the four of us will be going on my dream cruise next spring! Heather has responded immediately to every email I've sent, and there have been a lot of them; it seems she's always on duty, always available, and always upbeat. I really appreciate all she's done for us, and would recommend her (and the company) to other friends.