E Rein
Grand Biloxi Casino Hotel & Spa Grand Biloxi Casino Hotel & Spa
Biloxi, Mississippi
"E Rein"
The only thing good about the hotel is the pool area. The rooms were updated but very dirty. I had 3 free nights but left early because it was so bad. I arrived Sunday evening and as i was walking down the hall to my room i noticed how dirty the carpet was. There was pieces of glass and food all over. I gave it the benefit of the doubt because it was Sunday and im sure they were busy. Tuesday morning the glass was still in the same spot and there was even more food and dirt on the carpets including cigarette buds. The door handle to my room was broken so we had trouble getting in a few times. The bathroom door handle had so much funk on it that i cleaned it myself with clorox wipes. The top of the headboard had a light and had so much dust and looked like it hadn't been cleaned in weeks. The sheets did not fit the bed and therfore came off every time you layed down or sat on the bed and the bed was horrible. Even with all of the comp rooms i get, i will never stay here again. It was disgusting and have never seen a hotel so dirty. Good riddens Harrahs.