Daniel Lancaster
Harrah's Las Vegas Casino & Hotel Harrah's Las Vegas Casino & Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Daniel Lancaster"
BAIT AND SWITCH: Our room for the 3 nights was filthy, with 4 large dust covered pieces of tape on the ceiling left over from god knows when. No water pressure. Room was offered as "upgrade" which makes me fear what the non-upgrade would have been. carpet turned your socks brown. "Non-smoking" room stunk worse than the casino where everyone smoked. No disclosure of deposit policy until check in. yellow film on walls. No offer to improve situation, no visit from housekeeping during 3 day stay until we asked for one. Security prefers to escalate a situation to get you trespassed from your own room when there is any conflict whatsoever. I'm sure they see this as a precaution, but taking someones money and then kicking them out of their room should not be legal under any circumstance. I saw this happen to someone and then it happened to me, so you can tell it's a pattern. Hell for all i know they rented the room back out. Guest Relations are horrible. No one smiles, and I now understand why. When this shows up on your list of maybe's, you should run in the opposite direction like a starving cheetah at suppertime. Poor Poor Poor.