David Cass
7th Street Casino 7th Street Casino
Kansas City, Kansas
"David Cass"
I went there for the first time ever today Patticakes and I (A Girlfriend of mine) were suppose to be tire shopping down around tenth and central area ( Quindaro )and she looked up and said " I got two 5 dollar bills say we can stop at 7th street casino and play for a short period of time " I said alright So I found a penny machine and walked out with $26 a half hour later $21 richer. So so far there good on what they say in there ad about winning money. I did on my first time and you can too. Nice place and kind of a family atmosphere but in adult way. It was clean and lot of curtious staff ready to get whatever you need as far as food, drink and gambling is concerned so go and win a few bucks and split, or make a night of it with a dinner a few drinks and some gambling. Hopefully go home and not spent a dime and more money than u came with. 7th street casino ! What a fun place indeed!