carolina wardowska
Royal Dutch Hotel & Casino Europa Royal Dutch Hotel & Casino Europa
San Jose
"carolina wardowska"
I am currently staying in this hotel as I type, this hotel has made my holiday miserable, the check in staff were rude and inconsiderate. The whole hotel had extremely strong fumes of bleach (including inside cups) as I was on my way to my room I was appalled by the interior of the corridors, they were not welcoming and look exactly like a hospital, no carpets anywhere, yellow and green chipped old walls, wooden thin, chipped doors that look really easy to get into, it gave me an over all creepy and unwelcoming start to my holiday. As I entered my room I was shocked...toilets are filthy and look so old, the shower head is broken and sprits everywhere when it's on making the floor and toilet all wet. The ceiling in both the room and bathroom are cracked and stained, walls are a off orange colour and very bumpy. there is no air con so you have to open your balcony and listen to the constant laughter and screaming of drunk people outside. I can not sleep at all because the walls are paper thin and I can hear people walking up and down the corridors all night and arguing constantly. The beds are by far the worst, the slats are falling apart, no duvet provided, instead you get a thin sheet (what everyone uses to cover your mattress) and a old, dusty, itchy blanket that looks like it's been in WW1, my pillow is as flat as a pancake.. I had to fold it in half to get some sort of use out of it, no bed frame either. House keeping don't do a great job either, all they did was put our thin sheets back to how we found them and moved our toothbrushes etc on to a shelf, no fresh towels or anything like that.The staff are ignorant and look very miserable. The pool area is alright besides from the off green stained floor that looks like it's half finished, no patio whatsoever. My favourite part of this holiday was the plane ride. I can't wait to come home. Do not go there, it needs to be shut down!