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Nov 13 '16 at 14:05

Gloria Charbonneau

Gloria Charbonneau
My husband and I WERE frequent customers until they upped the minimum you have to play on the slots. Just because a penny machine says it's a penny to play and thats not the case. You have to start with a minimum of .50 . That being said you would think that it would pay out more often? You don't even get free spins. It takes but 10 mins to go through a $20.00? This casino doesn't offer free plays like they used to so theirs no incentive to go back. The food is a notch above edible and so repetitious. The buffets are the same way. The food at the buffets is COLD and not worth the money. It's also very sad to see all the elderly that go there thinking they are going to leave with big winnings. I have over heard the elderly telling others that they feel the casino prey on them and take advantage of the fact that they are lonely and have no where else they can go to be with people. Why do you think that Oxford is able to add on an addition of 24 million dollars it's because of us suckers!!! Not a poor loser just stating the facts!!!