Heather Fitzgerald
JACK Cleveland Casino JACK Cleveland Casino
Cleveland, Ohio
"Heather Fitzgerald"
I had the most horrible experience of my life here last night. We got there about 11:30pm Saturday night to celebrate my daughter's 21st birthday, walked around a bit and got separated almost immediately. I went out to smoke and look for the kids. Well when I came back in I was told that I had to leave because I was intoxicated. I was working on my second beer so I'm not sure what the real issue was. It was the first time I wore heels since I broke my leg but the leg felt okay. I was not rude but the security woman sure was, wouldn't talk to me, just insisted that I leave. I've been gambling in Vegas and West Virginia and was super excited to try gambling in my home town. What a heart breaking experience. Our family memories of my youngests 21st will always me marred, thanks Jack. Had I bothered to read the reviews I would've known to avoid this place! I should have just spent the extra money and taken the girls back to Vegas.