Suzanne Slater
Oceania Cruises - Marina
Miami, Florida
"Suzanne Slater"
I need to start by saying this is the most despicable company (and associated with REGENT) I have ever encountered. My father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly two weeks prior to my parents leaving on a very expensive cruise. When we reached out to the company to request a portion of the fee to go towards a future cruise (after explaining the situation), they sent back a standard response email saying - no such luck. Should have purchased the insurance. Well, my father was a very healthy individual with no health concerns - so they didn't. The least this company could do is provide a credit on future travel. Unbelievable! We have reached out so many times and they continue to send the same old email. Even WestJet and AirCanada had more class and provided my mother with credit. DO NOT use Regent!