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Nov 19 '16 at 18:41

KiKi Sparks

KiKi Sparks
I was at the bar inside of the Cromwell having drinks with my boyfriend. The bartender at the first bar on the right when you're entering the casino from the main entrance blatantly disrespected me and humiliated me in front of everyone at the bar. Customers and employees. There were 3 bartenders and what looked to be a supervisor on this shift. The one who attacked me was pouring a drink for another customer and the drink splashed in my face. I jokingly told him that he splashed in my face. He said "that wouldn't be the first time something splashed in your face. I thought he was joking so I responded with well that would be the first and last time that you did it. He proceeded to call me chunky, chubby, and ask me how it feels to be overweight. I stood up to tell him that he was disrespectful and that I was not fat at all. He proceeded to yell out "ugh ugh" as if he was disgusted. I became upset and told him that he wasn't a man. I asked him what type of man would disrespect a woman like that. He started to move his neck around and said here comes the black girl. As if he were mocking me. He also said that I needed to take my wig off of my head. This man who is on the clock making money behind the bar on your property completely disrespected and belittled me A woman.. With no remorse in front of a crowd of people as well as his fellow bartenders. I can not believe this is the representation of the type of employee you would allow to work in your establishment. Being a black woman who was sitting at the bar with her white boyfriend who overlooked the whispering and looks given to us I cannot help but to feel like that attack had deeper meaning. My boyfriend and I left the Cromwell and went across the street to Ballys. The bartender that was servicing us before this took place even apologized to my boyfriend for what his coworker did. My boyfriend took the supervisors card and name and and we left. When we got to Ballys I went straight to the restroom and I broke down crying. A custodian lady was working and I explained to her what took place across the street. She was so upset and couldn't believe what happened and she began to comfort me. I can guarantee that we will not stop until this employee is reprimanded for his malicious verbal attack. What kind of man talks to a woman that way? What kind of employee in a customer service field would humiliate a customer in that fashion? Especially with the only reasoning behind it being that I told him that he splashed alcohol in my face while he was making someone's drink. I will make sure that I take the steps needed to have this matter investigated and handled. I am a former Caesars employee and I know what your company stands for and that is clearly not it. I will stop at nothing to have this matter investigated. In no way shape or form should one act like that while on the job especially not knowing who the customer is or who they are sitting in the presence of. With everything going on in today's society since our election people are starting to feel like it is ok to attack others and I will not stand for this. Cromwell.. Caesars Ent this saddens me that this is a representation of the people you have working for you. I will not take this verbal abuse lightly and I respectfully hope that your corporation will not either.