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Nov 17 '16 at 16:02

Ann Trisel

Ann Trisel
For the price, the hotel itself it's a great deal! The rooms are nice, perfect for sleeping as the beds are comfortable. The decor is pretty nice as well, and the bathrooms are huge! My biggest con was not the hotel itself but the staff, or lack of... Our first day, we got there thirty min before check in and wait in line for an hour... I felt like I was in an airport. The line was crazy long, and there was only four people working the desks. Not a good start to our "Excalibar" experience... That night we decided to gamble in the hotel casino, the waitresses were non existent when it came to drinks, and very slow. They were very low staffed, and you could tell when you looked around the casino floor and none had a drink in their hand... It was pretty dead, boring and sobering.... Don't know if this is the best place for entertainment. Moral is, make sure your phone is charged before you stand in their long ass line, be prepared to wait a while. Grab a drink and some snacks, maybe a pillow... Make yourself comfortable, because they sure don't. And if you want to gamble and enjoy what Vegas is famous for, FREE DRINKS, go to another casino.