Owen Miller
Snoqualmie Casino Snoqualmie Casino
Snoqualmie, Washington
"Owen Miller"
After suddenly increasing the buffet price to include the unadvertised tax, the waitress also wanted a tip before I'd even sat down, let alone eaten. The security insisted I leave my bag at the sometimes-staffed coat-check booth and also insisted on looking inside. Other staff were easily confused or similarly inattentive. Pressing the "call attendant" button on the slot machines did nothing. It was a major hassle to arrange the bus trip. I wasn't allowed to reserve a seat for the same day, instead having to just take my chances. I was allocated a return ticket a lot later in the day and had to go to three different people to organise an earlier journey. It was implied that they were doing me a favour by allowing me to leave at this time. There were only two bars in the casino: a cigar lounge and a small ring in the middle of the gaming floor, where smoke was also noticeable. The beer selection was limited and the bartender's explanations of the selection weren't too helpful. As it was my first time at the casino, I was given a branded pen. I was quite happy with the pen in my bag. These people just don't understand customer service.