Zeek A
Nisqually Red Wind Casino Nisqually Red Wind Casino
Olympia, Washington
"Zeek A"
Just my own opinion and view and others may differ. This casino has very low payouts and very tight slot machines. The slot machines are in collection mode most of the time. It is very hard to hit jackpots at Red Wind. I rarely see anyone hitting jackpots myself. The new triple dragon machines are very tight and it can take ages to hit a bonus spin. One would be much better off driving to Tulayip up in Marysville as they have much better payouts and jackpots are much more frequent. It makes playing slot machines a miserable experience because of how tight their slots are at Red Wind. Don't pay these casino workers their salaries with your losses. Go up to Tulayip casino where you will have a much better chance at winning. This is all just my own opinion and view.