April Brimhall
Game Surprise
"April Brimhall"
If there was a way to give zero stars I would. First of all the general manager Christian Faustmann is very snide. He only listens to his employees not his paying customers....which being a business owner is a very dumb tactic in retaining clientele. We had a situation where our 5 year old son accidentally wandered off outside the store, or so we were told. We were told the police had been called. I'm grateful my kiddos best interest was the most important. However the "security guard/door greeter" was a total condescending, arrogant, puffy chested man. He goes by the name of Scott. His story about our son went from he was in the doorway, to he was out front of the store, to finally he was down at another store in the street. His story evolved over a 5 min period of time and my question is which story was true?? The last time his story changed I made a comment "well that's the 3rd story I've heard now" to which Scott replied "are you really giving me attitude". Yes I absolutely was. How could such an important security guard find my son all he way down at another store in the street if he was doing his job standing at the front door greeting people?? Makes no sense. Yes he wandered off, he was out front picking flowers. Not in the street, not down by another store. When I was finally able to speak to the all important store manager Christian, the store greeter/security guard stood there and had a nasty smirk on his face. Scott and Christian are the most unprofessional people I have ever dealt with at a Best Buy. I frequent Best Buy for their prices and services. Word of mouth goes a long way and I will be telling friends and family to stay away from the Best Buy store #787 at 13711 W Bell Rd Surprise, AZ 85347. Since there is no way to contact anyone other than the almighty Christian, according to him and Best Buy's central phone number, they are free to treat paying customers the way they want. But what they don't get is Best Buy is not the only place to shop for electronics and such. It's too bad that they will be losing us as customers and many more by spreading the word. Good job Christian and Scott!!!!!