Jerome Bernal
Bucky's Casino and Prescott Resort Bucky's Casino and Prescott Resort
Prescott, Arizona
"Jerome Bernal"
Cons: charged double! slow elevators, out dated facility (especially the gym), noisy vending machines, ugly decor in rooms, no place to hang a wet towel in the bathroom, horrible coffee maker, lack of electrical outlets in room, only 1 shared sink in the bathroom, inadequate parking, Pros: Friendly staff, clean rooms, luxurious public sitting area (mini bar), indoor and outdoor fireplace, some views of Prescott, nearby to major cities and freeways, balcony, in house breakfast, plenty of hot water, plenty of bars and restaurants/grocery stores nearby (costco, walmart, best buy) First night we stayed our room was against the wall shared with the public vending machines and ice maker, didn't sleep well that night with all the noise and multiple people using the machines throughout the night. Next day we requested a different room and eventually one room opened up towards the evening. The new room was much easier to sleep in. Staff was very professional and helpful. Originally I was going to leave a 4 star review but then I noticed I was charged double for my stay! We had called ahead of time by about 1 month to reserve 1 room with 2 beds for 3 day stay. I paid ahead of time with a credit card. However about a week before we arrived family plans changed slightly and we needed one more day. Paid for the extra day on arrival at the hotel. No issues until a week later we are now back home and the credit card statement shows 1 additional charge for a total of 3 charges ... Turns out they charged us double, I guess the person who processes the bill didn't realize we had already paid in advance. Called them up and waiting for the refund to appear.