John Miller
Jack Thistledown Racino Jack Thistledown Racino
North Randall, Ohio
"John Miller"
Last few times of being there, I have walked out pissed off over something the workers there have done. The most recent time was this evening as I step outside in the parking deck to smoke while I'm waiting for my friend to come out, I get stopped by security and asked to remove my hand from my jacket pocket. Now mind you it is 30 degrees out and I don't have gloves so I did what I was asked and then he asks if I have been inside gambling and I replied yes and then he asks if I have been drinking for which I answered no and that I don't drink! Apparently you are not allowed to walk to your vehicle with your hand in your pocket and smoking a cigarette to which the security guard says I need to quit smoking! First off I will smoke if I want and it's none of your business if I do! secondly I truly feel that I was questioned because I am a white person and you are picking on me because of my color! so I have decided to never return to either of the Jack(ass) casino's. In my opinion since they did all of the improvements they have tightened the machines up to pay for said improvements anyway, and quite frankly I am tired of spending almost $1,000 a week and not getting anything in return including play time! Stay away from this place especially if you are white they will play the Prejudice card!