rex rex
Casino du Lac-Leamy Casino du Lac-Leamy
Gatineau, Quebec
"rex rex"
A high prostitution place. There are many prostitutes to a point where you will be mistaken for one no matter how you are dressed. If you are a woman, DON'T GO THERE !!! Sexual solicitation is common by foreign men. They hang around in packs. Then the rest of the local male losers go there to pick up anything that moves. A total dive !!! A meat market at it's best. They will put up with any rude and drunk male behavior and will never kick them out. The staff is beyond rude, ignorant, dumb and just plain arrogant. They have no class and treat the customers badly. The city is poor so they hire the scum of the earth. There is nothing good about that place, trust me. Stalkers, drunks. It does not matter how much renovation they make, the same bar flies return. If you have any class, you will avoid that casino at all cost. I cannot describe how bad the place is. 100 % loser city.