Lambert Lum
Spirit Lake Casino & Resort Spirit Lake Casino & Resort
Saint Michael, North Dakota
"Lambert Lum"
May be the smallest casino I have ever been to. Was in mood to play blackjack one night with a few family members. Was fishing in the area, but being the first night no none wanted to sleep so we went to the casino. Got there a little after 1 AM. The casino told us when we inquired about when the tables closed they said 2 AM. It was a little before 1:30 AM when we asked. We thought great, we didn't want to spend much more than $20-40 per person, 30 mins was plenty of time for us. Just wanted to play for a little bit and go. After they told us the closed at 2 AM, they refused to allow us to play. They said tgey were closing the tables for the night. So for the next 15 mins we watched the dealer shuffle cards and got frustrated and left. Worst experience at a casino ever.