Michael Summers
MGM National Harbor MGM National Harbor
Oxon Hill, Maryland
"Michael Summers"
The property is beautiful and the staff is very friendly. However this MGM hotel and casino will be relegated to being poor at best unless they get their act together. As hotel guests, expect not being able to book paid suites except at check-in if they're available. When you arrive be ready for a 45-60 minute check-in process since they only designed three check-in stations for a hotel of around 300 rooms. Be ready to pay a relatively high room rate and resort fee for services not even available -- the pool is outdoor unlike other area properties and can't be used for about half the year because of cold weather, no one answers calls for room service or housekeeping since the calls are routed off-site, the one coffee/cappuccino maker for the entire hotel broke so don't expect coffee/cappuccinos, the restaurants don't allow reservations unless you walk to them and put your name on a 90-120 minute waiting list and there's no house tables reserved for hotel guests, the one rice maker for the Asian restaurants broke so all Asian restaurants shut down during our stay and they ran out of chicken and salmon, rooms aren't made up until three or four requests later, the casino is packed at capacity on weekend nights, and when the casino bartenders get tired of making drinks (which aren't free) they lie and say they're out of liquor (which isn't true looking at the fully stocked bar all around them) and instead say they're only selling beer and wine, and the always-free soda suddenly became $8.00 per soda when the bartender was in a bad mood. All in all, come for the weekend casino fun if you want to chance possibly getting in if they're not at capacity but avoid staying at the hotel at all costs until they get their act together, if they ever do. You can get much better and less expensive service and experiences at nearby properties. This is NOT, I repeat NOT, an MGM resort up to MGM standards. It's new and their honeymoon phase should have people in awe and happy with good star ratings but, as you can see, they're only garnering around +/-3.5 stars which is very sad for a time when they should be shining, new and exciting. It was a wasted stay for us and we may visit again, possibly go to the casino and maybe see a show here, but will never stay on property again. Spend half the cost and stay at a place which provides expected hotel services AND provides perks. This place doesn't have it.