Joseph Landree
Revel Casino Hotel Revel Casino Hotel
Atlantic City, New Jersey
"Joseph Landree"
I stayed for two nights. The room in the Waterfront Tower was nice. the bed was comfortable. Service from the front desk, operator, and maintenance department was nonexistent. The problem was the toilet that was missing a bolt. It rocked so bad I was surprised it didn't tip over and leak. It was late the first night when it was discovered. I called first thing in the morning to get it resolved. I hit the maintenance button on the phone and got a menu. Maintenance wasn't an option so I chose the front desk. No one was available and I was on hold for over 5 minutes. I called back and selected the operator was on hold again so while I was on the phone I decided to head down to the front desk. Now on hold by the front desk. It was around 8am. One person was manning the desk and there was 4 people waiting in line to check in. The operator finally answers and I explain the maintenance issue. I was told I needed to report my problem to the front desk. I explained I was there and didn't have time to wait in line or on hold. The operator took my information and said she would pass it on. Returned early evening to find the room neatly cleaned but the toilet was not fixed. Called to report the problem again around 3pm and was assured it would be repaired. Returned around 11pm to find no repairs were made. I checked out the next day with no resolution.