John Otto
Charging Horse Casino & Bingo Charging Horse Casino & Bingo
Lame Deer, Montana
"John Otto"
The hotel has a very modern look to its rooms. Each of the room's tables, including a writing desk, has built-in outlets along with USB charging ports for today's technology-friendly guest. There are meeting rooms, a coffee shop, and a restaurant within the hotel. Therefore, it can stand alone as a travel destination, or be considered lodging for the adjoining casino, which connects guests to the hotel on both the first (casino) and third (bingo) floors. Which leads to the one drawback. Even though the hotel is non-smoking, some of the acrid air from the casino does get into the hotel. If you have a sensitive nose, you will probably pick up the light mixed smell of smoke and the air freshener used to attempt to hide it. On the other hand, the staff at the front desk, coffee shop, and those serving dinner at the restaurant have been friendly and helpful during my stays here, so they definitely get a "thumbs up."