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Dec 25 '16 at 18:23

jamie sarraille

Silver Slipper Casino

jamie sarraille
HORRIBLE!!!- We made reservations for xmas eve. we checked in and went to our room. we noticed it was right by the elevator. furthermore, when we went inside to look at the room, there was only 1 bath,hand and face towel in the room, and there was 2 of us. Upon looking at the bathroom, we noticed muddy footprints all over the shower floor. This did not set very well with us.we returned to the front desk and told the same man ( who did not care less about anything.he was not a happy person and was rude.). we told this young man about our problem and he asked..."do you want to move?" we said DUH yes the shower is filthy.A very nice professional man came from the back area and apologized and gave us 2 free buffets. Ok so we moved from room 312 to room 309. we went in and had 1 bath towel, 1 face cloth and 1 hand towel for 2 people. BUT UPON INSPECTING THE BATHROOM, WE NOTICED IN THE SHOWER, A WADDED UP BATH MAT, A BOTTLE OF SHAMPOO FURNISHED BY THE HOTEL AND A BOTTLE OF PERT SHAMPOO ON THE SOAP HOLDER. This was totally unacceptable. once again we went back to the front desk and told the same unfriendly young man, and I took pictures of this filthy uncleaned room and presented the pictures to the "Supervisor". She took my phone to the back and showed someone and came back and said do you want a refund . I said YES. I gave back the free buffets and could not believe the cold attitudes ,other than the gentleman who came out from the back room, of this staff. They could not have cared if we stayed there or not. We then went down the road to another casino hotel and were treated like special dignitaries, not like uninvited guests. I am so disappointed in the service and cleanliness of this room. I still have the pictures on my phone to show everyone. you lost a customer! ! !